Warehouse Management

Warehouse/Inventory Management Software

Effortlessly manages all your inventory information.

Warehouse Management software (WMS) provides managers with the tools required to analyze stock and can make plans for inventory movement or replenishment. The WMS could be used alongside with logistics management and also acts as a critical part of an overall supply chain management system.

Inventory management software is a key factor to running a successful business.  Mismanaged inventory frequently tarnish the smooth functioning system, exhausting a company valuable working rates and decreasing earnings.

This cloud-based, inventory management software offers accurate tracks and streamlines transaction processes; and can manage almost all tasks associated with shipment and receiving.  d’Katia simplifies and streamlines warehousing and distribution operations. It provides support for tracking purchases and materials, moving and storing inventory, billing and invoicing.

inventory management software has an insight of right amount of product, at the right price, at the right time, and in the right place. Warehouse Management software can have a system that tracks inventory movement across all channels. The system enables access to real-time information and provides technology including EDI, barcode scanning, e-commerce shopping carts and more.

  • Stock Register

The inventory information gets updated in real time and is replicated in a stock register. The stock register provides the information on the individual stock keeping units (SKUs) the way they are handled and store, ie the weight, dimensions, case pack etc. It also provides information on the inventory position by location with manufacture date, lot code etc. The register also keeps information on the basic material, fabricated parts, assemblies, finished goods etc.

  • GRN

The input of the stock is managed via this particular module where in the complete received stock details are inputted. The GRN also provides the information on any damages, shortage or excess stock received. The barcode information, product serial numbers, batch numbers etc are being mapped in this particular module.

  • Stock Taking

This module provides the opportunity to verify and confirm the stock in warehouse with the system stock. The stock taking process is made easier with the barcode scanning possibility to verify the stock.

  • Delivery Note

Delivery notes are prepared automatically which explains the contents of the package which is to be delivered out. If some goods that were ordered are not enclosed (due to lack of stock, unavailability, etc.) they will also be listed on the delivery note.

Features :

  • Real time inventory information
  • Stock position information
  • Expiry/Damaged Information
  • Cloud Solution
  • Barcode scanning compatibility

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