Van Sales

Sales & Distribution Software (VAN SALES)

Van Sales is an innovative module developed by our team which enables effective distribution of goods through Van. With this particular module the entire process of selling goods from the Warehouse to the retail points through vans. The process takes care of the distribution as well the core delivery of goods at the point of demand.

The route scheduling also could be done in this particular module which allows proper structuring in the delivery and the sales of goods. The sales information gets automatically updated into the cloud server thus giving real time information on sales. The route management gives details on who the next customer information. The stock management in is also being promptly managed in this particular module.

This Can Be Achieved By :

  • Route Scheduling
  • Pricing / Discounts per customer
  • Route Customer Transaction History Balances
  • Credit Limits per customer
  • Last / Next payment per customer
  • Information on Stock availability
  • Sales Orders / Invoicing
  • Sales Invoices / Receipts
  • Payments Received / Receipts / Cash / Credit / Outstanding
  • Products Price Catalog
  • End of Day Reports
  • Customer Statements / Aging Analysis

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