Vehicle Management System

Tatra VMS - Vehicle Management Software

Tatra – VMS, the Vehicle Management software helps the commercial fleet owner and organizations to manage different types of vehicles like Passenger, Truck, Construction and other commercial vehicles. It helps to manage your vehicle costs while increasing performance and dependability. It helps to keep track of the complete details of the vehicles and pools out notifications on renewals like taxes, certifications, oil changes etc. Tatra VMS also provides information on the changed spares, battery, tyres etc. The vehicle profitability report is also available in the system which provides adequate information for vehicle analysis.

This module eliminates costly unscheduled maintenance, increase resale value of all your vehicles by proper maintenance and checkup. It helps in accurate record keeping for any type of vehicle and helps to plan annual vehicle budgets faster, easier and more accurately.

  • Vehicle Database

The complete details of the vehicles scaling from the basic details, images, tyre details, periodic renewals, insurance details, service details etc are being captured in this particular module. The complete movement of each vehicle is also being tracked in this particular module which gives insight of the accidents, mileage, fine collected during the transit.

  • GPS Tracking

The Tatra – VMS comes with the GPS tracking suite which allows supervisors or managers to track the present location and the transit details. The GPS tracking could either be done via a mobile application or from the feeds fetched from a GPS device.

  • Route Management

The route of a particular vehicle or a fleet could be managed via GPS enabled Mobile Application. Regular alerts are prompted by the system and any deviation from the route assigned will be alerted by the system to the driver and to the concerned supervisor in the remote location. The route management could also be used as a tool to get proper directions on the destination points

  • Profitability Analysis

Tatra– VMS also comes with a Vehicle Profitability Analysis which gives concrete insights into the income & expenses of each vehicle. The complete fuel consumption, fines, accident details, spare cost, periodic renewals etc will be tracked and will be analysed against the income received from that Vehicle for analysis. This analysis gives information for the steps to be taken for corrective action.

  • Garage Management

Tatra –VMS also have a garage module in which the management of own garages could be managed. A job card is prepared after vehicle inspection and the details on the work done & the spare part used details is tracked down in this. This module also have a stock component which provides details on the stock levels in the store.

  • Financial Management

The financial management module empowers you to obtain up to date accounting information online. The suite comes along with package that involves General Accounting, Management Accounting, & Fixed Assets Management with all statutory reports. The module is seamlessly integrated with the other module which helps in tracking payables & receivables without cross entries.

  • HR Management

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Trata VMS Features

  • Vehicle Repair History
  • Periodic Renewal History
  • Vehicle Maintenance Details
  • Tire Wear & Tear Management
  • Mileage Tracking
  • Breakdown & Accident Management
  • Vehicle Geo Location Tracking
  • Route Assignment & Dynamic Routing
  • Driver Management

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