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Tasket Office ERP Solution

Tasket Office ERP enables you with the possibilities to manage your daily tasks, clients, client tickets, projects, milestones and team members. Daily Tasks of each team members can be easily monitored and could guide your team towards the milestones. The project status could easily be monitored via this system and effective measures could be taken at required points. The time spend by each team member in each task could also be analyzed which provides a valuable insight for project cost analysis

Tasket Office ERP helps every team perform their best,
across the hall or across the globe

No matter the workflow, Tasket enhances communication,
transparency and accountability to achieve results

The project management is made much easier using some amazing tools. The project manager could create tasks to the team members and daily monitoring of the tasks could be managed by the concerned persons. Milestones could also be created project wise thus having option to know the project status in a single click. Team Members gets notifications for each tasks posted and could comment on tasks and will get notifications for important asks.

The team members could post their daily commitments or discussion topics in the timeline and will be visible to others. The method of assigning tasks and doing their daily work against the tasks proves to fetch better results. The team members could also access important client conversations and files which makes their work easier. Different access levels are set for various designations which make sure that only needed modules are accessible for each team member. Team members could also communicate to other members via the inter messaging facility.

The detailed information about the clients could be managed in Tasket and detailed information about the client details, contacts, projects, invoices, payments made, estimates, tickets, files and notes of each clients is available. The client will have access options to the client portal via their logins and will have a separate dashboard in which they can see their projects, invoices, balance dues, ticket status etc. The access levels each client could be set up separately in which permissions to raise, comment & view tasks could also be included.

Basic accounting in the form receipts & vouchers is being taken care in this module. The payments or receipts made be could against projects which give an insight towards project costing. The quotations & invoices could also be tracked client wise in the accounting module.

The Tasket allows team members to input their upcoming leave information and the permitted members could accept or reject leaves.

The inter messaging facility is another innovative feature in Tasket which allows team members to keep in touch with the other members via the inter communication. All communication information is kept intact within the system for further references

Other features

  • Informative dashboard
  • File sharing and team conversation
  • Project milestones
  • Project timesheet and time tracker
  • Drag and drop facility for files
  • Beautiful file preview and comments
  • Multiple currency for clients
  • Informative profile page for client contacts
  • Expense & payments report
  • Custom permissions for team members
  • Private messaging with team members and clients
  • Enable/disable client signup/messaging
  • Private notes
  • Customizable email templates
  • Timecard/attendance management
  • IP restriction for timecard entry
  • Announcement/notice management
  • Dynamic graph and visual report
  • Activity logs for projects
  • Easily accessible UI
  • Responsive design
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Get real-time visibility into everything your team is working on. Create reports to track projects and team performance with the push of a button. Workload reports show you who has bandwidth for the next project. Interactive timelines keep everyone on the same page.

Project,Task,Team Management Software

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