Rental Management software

Rental Management Software

Add-Rentele is web-based rental management software program which gives “all in one” rental management solution for companies catering to rental business. Add-Rentele enables the user to get real time updates on the Stock and enables to have a real time communication with the clients on the quotations and invoices forwarded.

Add-Rentele rental software is “Cloud-Based” and all you need to do is simply log into the rental software system exactly as you would with other online services.

  • Stock Management

The In-house stock could be managed via the Stock Management and the stocks get updated real time as soon as the transactions are processed. At a single click you can find your current quantity in the inventory, booked stock, tentative booking stock, damaged stock etc. The detailed segregated stock position in the form of booked stock, tentative stock & damaged stock ensures that no orders are being missed due to stock issues.

  • Quotation Management

 The quotation management module enables you to quickly and easily create professional-looking estimates, send it to the client via email and get approvals to convert it to an invoice with few clicks. Handle Client feedbacks real time for quick conversion. The quotation management also provides with the complete quotation history thus having track of the revisions and the changes made in a single interface.

  • Invoice Management

 Create invoice instantly, convert from estimate, email PDF to customer, track it, handle disputes. Provision for customizing the invoices is also available.

By using Add-Rentele you will be able to track the client views & actions like when the client have viewed the invoice, was there any dispute or whether the client have accepted the invoice.

  • Client Management

Client ledgers are available to know the current outstanding balances & the payment history. The client ledger also gives holistic information about the client account statement (Detailed and summarized), Client ageing pattern, Client Invoices, Client Quotations and send mail details. The account statements could be exported to excel and could be used for fileing purpose.

  • Delivery & Pickup Management

A simple dashboard interface is being provided which allows the warehouse manager to manage the various deliveries and pickup of each dates. The dashboard comes in two views ie a drag & drop view and a calendar view. The drag & drop view ensures that the work stages are easily navigated from one point to another. The calendar view helps in getting a holistic view of deliveries and pick up in each dates.

  • Repair Management

The damages occurred at the client place and the damages via transit could be tracked separately in the item ledger. The items found missing could also be noted separately in the item ledger. Add-Rentele allows the garage manager to schedule the repairs and would be able to convey the person concerned on the detailed repair schedule.

  • Finance Management

The financial management module empowers you to obtain up to date accounting information online. The suite comes along with package that involves General Accounting, Management Accounting, & Fixed Assets Management with all statutory reports. The module is seamlessly integrated with the other module which helps in tracking payables & receivables without cross entries.

Add Rentele Features

  • Real Time Stock Updates
  • Client Ledger
  • Estimates
  • Quick Invoices
  • Track Invoices
  • Multi-Currency
  • Send Emails
  • Delivery Dashboard
  • Track Damages
  • Schedule Repairs
  • Online Payments
  • Dashboard
  • Expense Management
  • Accounting Reports
  • Tally Integration

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