Our Projects


GS1 standards have been endorsed by thousands of organizations in the retail-supply chain, health sectors, and plethora of other industries to efficiently and reliably manage their day-to-day activities.  When supplying to a big retailer or wholesaler there are certain requirements of sending and receiving messages via EDI which needs to be fulfilled. We at d’Katia help fulfill these requirements by helping facilitate the communication with your customers which is done in accordance with EDI standard GS1.

EDI is an absolute necessity for companies with clients who purchase large quantities of products. With our expertise, we ensure that whenever such a demand arises,  your operations are not only more streamlined by integrating it directly with your warehousing system but also in the process you can avail of substantial cost savings and increased customer satisfaction.

By successfully advising management and analysts about the myriad of benefits EDI GS1 implementation can bring to an organization, we have helped numerous organizations drastically improve trading partner’s service and their overall satisfaction while enhancing the efficiency of the supply chain by cutting costs and optimizing stock and inventories. By successfully streamlining warehousing, logistics, replenishment, delivery and reporting processes with the help of EDI GS1 implementation, your organization can also turn profitable in no time.

Additionally, we are a local GS1 Member Organization and have dedicated experts in our team especially catering for GS1 EDI. We have also helped vendors who required EDI integration with their ERP systems achieve additional value and reduced costs by further streamlining their order management fulfillment processes.

The team at d’Katia has worked on EDI GS1 projects for many distribution-based organizations, in a variety of different sectors ranging from industries requiring tablet based restaurant solutions, Media and Publishing ERP, chemical industries, IT, electronics and real estate. We are well versed in dealing with the various documents, and variety of data exchange formats in use. Moreover, we have the expertise to handle any reporting issues, freight management and retailer distribution problems which may arise during the implementation stage. With the successful implementation of EDI GS1 ERP solutions, your dealings with all sizes and types of vendors can be efficient and sprightly.