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Today’s dynamic business environment advocates the use of various applications and practices to quickly procure and accurately analyze the data generated either within the enterprise or gathered from external sources which can help lend an organization a distinct competitive advantage. d’Katia Software Consultants’ Business intelligence practices have helped numerous clients build or expand their Business Intelligence platform by providing instant access to data about their customers, competitors and the market thus helping them understand their customers better, respond quicker to changing market conditions and ultimately transform into a data-driven enterprise. d’Katia Software Consultants’ experienced business intelligence team can assist in developing comprehensive technology Customized/Bespoke Software solutions to capture and manage big volumes of data that helps to navigate business intelligence easier which in turn helps drive business while enabling them to comprehend, analyze, and leverage this data for further success. We also assist decision makers to easily view, analyze and understand business data, market intelligence, and visibility so that they are better equipped to make informed decisions that best benefit the business by helping to expand their reach and generate more business.

Our BI services include, but are not limited to:

  1. Organizing your data for interactive analysis and reporting and preparing customized and interactive business operations reports based on your needs
  2. Developing and implementing a strategic roadmap comprising of an interactive dashboard, scenario modeling and scorecards for proper data governance and management to ensure all data is leveraged more efficiently and effectively
  3. Working closely with your team to uncover new market opportunities and analyze the requirements and overall scope of your BI project which results in better performance and profitability
  4. Keeping information secure with role-based access and implementing data integration services, both on-premise and in the cloud, all becomes enjoyable with the guidance of our experienced professionals
  5. Helping find new customers by maintaining exceptional service levels while providing full application lifecycle software support, including planning, designing, building, deploying, analytical modeling and marketing performance analysis and supporting all stages of the business intelligence lifecycle
  6. To help clients fully understand the marketplace and what their customers and prospects value most and need to succeed by providing instant access to information, on-site or on the go
  7. Centralizing data management and Developing and building the data warehousing foundation based on reliable data and sources on which third-party service tools such as Tableau and Micro strategy thrive. Our professionals have been repeatedly hired by many of our clients to bring their corporate data in order.
  8. d’Katia Software Consultants’ 24/7/365  top-notch business intelligence services can provide your enterprise the boost it needs, coupled with dedicated experienced support to help effectively manage, analyze, and leverage your data for long-term success and propel your business further than before.