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Every corporate office needs high-quality hardware as part of its IT infrastructure to be able to handle the nuances and complexities involved in its day to day tasks and processes. The workforce functions optimally only when there is solid technological support and high-quality hardware. Important business hardware like computers,laptops,printers,workstations, servers, network components and power supplies need to function optimally well and come together in sync to provide the best performance possible. There is no better way to boost creativity, increase efficiency and grow your business in a natural, organic way than to invest in the right hardware and maintain it the right way. We at d’Katia can cater to all these needs with our industry-leading hardware supply and maintenance services. Geared towards providing our clients with the right hardware choices for their requirements, putting together the right hardware mix to gain better performance and productivity and stay on top of issues and problems with high-quality maintenance, our services have been providing companies with the peace of mind they need.

Enterprise grade IT infrastructures are composed of a number of different kinds of hardware, all of which need to put an optimal performance for the infrastructure to behave like a cohesive, high-performance unit. To achieve this, you need to choose among thousands of hardware options and arrive at the right hardware for your requirements. You also need to put together a comprehensive plan to maintain and care for your hardware on a regular basis. We address these needs with our superior quality hardware supply and maintenance services, allowing you to use our expertise and experience to choose the right hardware for your requirements. We also help you maintain the all-important hardware that you have in your office by carrying out different kinds of hardware health checks and entering into annual maintenance contracts.

What We Offer

Our hardware supply and maintenance services cater to every possible technological need that an enterprise might have. We work with multiple reputed brands and source our products from reliable vendors, taking care to adhere to the strict tests and most stringent standards of quality that we pride ourselves on. Our services include –

  • Supply and installation of a variety of different kinds of desktop systems,laptops,printers, workstations and servers, all sourced from popular international brands with proven reliability.
  • The supply and installation of enterprise grade Blade server technology
  • Supply, deployment and maintenance of POS machines
  • Comprehensive maintenance services for telephony systems including the option of all-encompassing annual maintenance contracts which address problems instantaneously and prevent downtime
  • Comprehensive maintenance services for all important IT ingredients like desktop computers,laptops,printers, servers, network components including LAN and WAN and user support systems
  • Generation of periodic hardware health reports and recommendations regarding future upgrades
  • Carrying out of proactive and preventive maintenance to alleviate escalated costs in the long run dealing with hardware problems of higher scale
  • Rapid answer to emergency hardware service calls
  • Outsourcing of specific manpower and services according to the needs of particular projects

D’Katia is one of the fastest growing IT, Security & ELV solution providers in Kerala.

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