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Storage Solutions Company,Kochi,Kerala.

D’Katia understands that businesses need to have dynamic IT infrastructure that caters to their changing business requirements. At d’Katia, we hire best IT technicians who have years of experience delivering highly reliable storage solutions. Our storage solutions have been designed while keeping your present as well as future business expansion needs in context. In order to make sure that your company performs at its peak with a fully functional IT department, you need to rely on our robust storage solutions. Let us help you make your business reach the next level with our value for money IT storage solutions in Kochi,Kerala.

Network Storage Solutions

You are looking for some extra storage attached to your network? You are a young entrepreneur who is looking to increase the storage capacity that is available alongside your network at your workplace? May be you are an ISP who wants to have an additional space to share media files like movies, songs or other files with your customers? You are a large corporate business who thinks that it’s time to expand the data storage capacity for important files on your network? D’Katia has designed its Network Storage solution in order to provide you service just according to your requirements.

Our team of IT professionals carries more than 10 years’ experience in the field of installation and maintenance of such network storage solutions .

Apart from these hardware choices, we’ll be happy enough to install Network Attached storage (NAS) hardware even from a preferred vendor of client’s choice. Such attached devices can easily be used if you are not satisfied with storage capacity of your current network and want an ability to store higher file volume on your network.

D’Katia also provides several solutions along with NAS installation like server backup so that in case any of your data from server is removed because of a virus or other technical glitch, you would always know that your data is secure. Apart from providing centralized storage space to all the connected clients of a network, Network Storage solutions can come handy for several other tasks as well. They can serve as cheap storage for load balancing of services like

  • Web servers
  • Mail Servers
  • Multimedia storage

You can have your storage servers to be installed with file protocol of your own choice to suite the networking or client PC requirements. Some of the features that make these solutions from d’Katia a must have are

  • Low cost installation
  • Easy Administration
  • Faster data access
  • Simple configuration

If you think that perfection in performance is the only criteria to choose for your service providers then know that d’Katia’s group of IT professionals take their work very seriously and satisfaction of our clients even much more seriously.

SAN Storage Solutions

You have just realized the potentials of cloud services and cloud computing? You agree that your SME is in need of cost effective opportunities offered by cloud computing? Instead of localized network storage, you want to use cloud storage services for your large corporate firm because you think it will help you expend your operations at multiple sites all around the world?

D’Katia has an excellent command over providing our clients with best possible services for the purpose of Cloud Storage Solutions. 

Cloud Solutions is not going to be like any ordinary single storage device which provides access to only few machines with which it has direct connection. It means that you have a dedicated storage server of your own so that you can perform all the tasks of your workplace no matter which part of the world you are in. There are two types of Cloud Storage servers offered by d’Katia.

  • Private Cloud Storage
  • Hybrid Cloud Storage

Private cloud storage is very handy for an SME because of its cheaper price tag and because of its flexibility to be installed both in-house and a remote place as well. It will carry a VPN authentication protocol so that you can decide who can access the cloud storage and you can also know who accessed which files on the storage. It is going to be your own cloud storage server and the communication will be one-way on the server.

In case of a hybrid cloud storage, several companies offer cloud services. It allows multiple users to access the files that are saved by a particular user, if they have been given the rights to access it. So you are not uploading files on such server but also putting it for sharing as well. Some of the services that d’Katia will help you to get going with include

  • Drop box
  • Google Drive
  • Sky Drive
  • iDrive

In case you are looking for any other vendor who provides cloud storage services, d’Katia       will be obliged to work with you on that service as well. You can also have backup data of your computer or your company files saved at these cloud storage servers.

In private cloud storage category, we are offering our clients various features like we can enhance the security of your data. We can even shutdown the access to cloud storage, if you feel a danger to your files. There are many other solutions that are available for private cloud storage from d’Katia. All you have to do is contact us and give us the details of the kind of cloud storage you want and our team of experts will make sure that you get what you desired.

Cloud Storage Solutions

As a new company you think that it is more suitable for you to acquire SAN based network storage? You have a large setup in your multinational company and you want to store data as high as terabytes and petabytes on your network but don’t know how? You want a more secure environment for storing your data on server? A SAN storage solution from d’Katia’s is the best choice which you can make because we are proficient in setting up such devices according to the demands of our customers.

Based on your requirements you can have the servers installed both for

  • Ethernet Channel
  • Fiber Optic Channel

Our team of IT engineers serves our customers with policy of not being restricted by hardware. So no matter which vendor/manufacturer you choose, d’Katia will ensure that you have that hardware installed with utmost perfection.

SAN server solutions from d’Katia will provide access to you and your network users to consolidated data storage. Our staff of engineers will make sure that file systems of your choice is also installed in order to match the workstation needs of yourself and network clients. Virtual environment can be enabled with the help of SAN networks as storage administration is simplified. Flexibility is achieved as cables and storage devices don’t have to be physically moved to transfer data from one server to another. Some of the other benefits that you can have from SAN storage solutions form d’Katia include

  • Servers can boot from SAN
  • Easy replacement of faulty servers
  • Effective data recovery
  • Use of iSCSI makes SAN more effective

Our experience in the installation of SAN storage solution helps us to provide several solutions to our clients based on their demands. We can setup such a server for the purpose of

  • Data Centers
  • Data Servers
  • Service Providers

Any other solution required from our client will be duly installed as well. Try the team of aces from d’Katia with confidence of the fact that we leave no stone unturned to bring the best quality of work to our clients.




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