Security Solutions

Security Solutions Company,Kochi,Kerala.


  • Improve Safety & Productivity
  • Effective Data Storage management
  • Adaptive Recording
  • Centralized monitoring
  • Intelligent Video Analytics

Access Control

Controlling access has never been easier with our world-class access control solutions. We help you achieve complete and foolproof access control with internal and external release electronic and physical mechanisms for doors, barriers and turnstiles according to your requirements. You can choose credentials according to your convenience and budget, from key fobs, electronic smart cards of biometric solutions. Our access control systems are scalable, and can be adapted and configured to suit any need.

Time Attendance

Recording site attendance and tracking work hours has never been easier with our state-of-the-art time attendance solutions. With our help, you can deploy a fast, safe time attendance system which can be controlled centrally, and can operate with multiple credentials like key cards, RFID cards and biometric sensors. Our systems use the latest components and can be successfully integrated into business software and ERP frameworks.

Network Security Solutions


You have been recently a victim of a network breech and want to ensure that such a misfortunate event never happens again in your company? You have just realized the vulnerabilities present in the network servers of your website? Your company is in need of a team of IT professionals that can not only gauge the security strengthening that your network needs but can also provide it with satisfactory solutions by the virtue of their immense experience? d’Katia is the only IT Company in Kerala,Kochi that can help you in your crusade of protecting your networking from external breaches and internal malfunctions.

Our team of IT professionals has an exceptional portfolio of dealing with network security with help of UTM based solutions.

These are only few applications to name in which we operate but our actual range of operations is much larger, thanks to a diverse group of IT engineers that we have. It is our aim to provide our clients with best possible service according to their demands without giving them the excuse of being brand or hardware specific.

Network security is core to smooth operations of every company and this is a fact that is taken very seriously by us. This notion has helped us to generate a systematic approach for providing security to several networks within an organization on different levels. Some of the features of our Network Security Solution include

  • Monitoring of incoming & outgoing traffic
  • Traffic originated on network machine
  • Analysis of origin of traffic received
  • Protection against Trojans

You can also put several filters on the traffic at your workplace as well. Filtering solutions from d’Katia include:

  • Social media filter
  • Downloading Filters
  • Content specific Filters
  • IPS
  • IDS

Apart from the above mentioned solutions and services, we’ll be willing to provide client specific services and solutions as well because flexibility in our operations is provided by our extensive line up of IT engineers that we have.

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