Annual Maintenance Contract

Computer & Network Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) Services company ,Kochi,Kerala



Maintenance of your server is very important, if you want your online business to be available to your customers round the clock. If your server goes down, your existing as well as potential customers will not be able to find you and as a result your business will suffer.  However, it is not possible for you to do it on your own and it can cost you a lot of money.

With d’Katia’s IT annual maintenance contract, you can maintain your server without any hassle and protect IT Information Assets. We have a team of experts, who will dedicatedly assist you in maintaining your IT system and server.

We at dKatia offer support and service contract to keep your business’ IT systems and network at peak performance. We understand your need and try our best to provide you with the best solution. We provide AMC Services in Kerala, and by availing this service you can remain rest assured.


  • You can focus on your core business
  • You will be able to avail complete IT infrastructure support for your users, desktops, servers and other devices
  • You can manage and save cost without compromising on quality
  • You can Enhance your business using the right software tools and solutions
  • Perk up information protection
  • You can pick and choose from long list of tasks that we carry out for you during AMC tenure


  • Round the clock server/computer Monitoring
  • Onsite visit by our qualified engineers
  • Instance or incident based call‐out support
  • Unlimited remote help desk support
  • Regular preventive maintenance
  • Periodic IT assessment
  • Workstation Monitoring
  • Asset Management


  • d'Katia is a total solution provider
  • 99% up-time guarantee
  • Expert team of IT professionals who has several years of experience
  • Cost-Effective
  • Perk up information protection
  • You can pick and choose from long list of tasks that we carry out for you during AMC tenure
  • d'Katia is a leading IT total solution provider, offering its services to businesses in in different parts of Kerala. We provide complete IT solution to help you protect and maintain your online business.

Pay once and remain rest assured for a long time with our AMC & ASC services!

Protection is provided to your business interests by our qualified professionals who make sure that all your networks and IT equipment is operating fine and dandy. We cover maintenance of devices like

  • PC
  • Servers
  • Printers
  • Scanners
  • Laptops
  • Network Routers & Switches

An AMC ensures that you have a team of professionals at your disposal all the time so that you are least bothered while facing problems with your IT equipment. On a distance of a single call lies your very own IT engineer who’ll be obliged by helping you as earliest and efficiently as possible. Our AMC also offer regular visits of our IT engineers to your office. These visits are basically of 2 types

  • Incident based Support
  • Preventive Maintenance Visits

Client can choose on whatever basis he wants such visits from our IT professionals.

It is worth mentioning that AMC from d’Katia for IT support comes with an advantage that we have expertise to handle all kind of hardware and software. So no matter which vendor or manufacturer you prefer d’Katia will be there to provide its IT support services without any problem.

Response time that d’Katia offer for its clients mainly depends on the time when an emergency service call is received.

  • 4 hours response time in Dubai
  • 8 hours response time
  • NBD (Next business Day)

d’Katia provide the AMC as per the below terms and conditions

  • HARDWARE:   This will not include the actual components of your PC, like the hard disk, monitor, mouse, keyboard, floppy disk drive, zip disk drive etc. The AMC covers all possible hardware related problems. For eg: a hard disk drive crash, noises during operation, etc. Problems caused by electric failure/surge are not covered here. For very sensitive machines, manufacturers recommend the use of a UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply Machine)
  • NETWORKING:   This would cover all the LAN and networking related problems, dealing with Switches, cables etc. The Switches might fail to function properly or the PCs might not be able to connect. All this will be repaired under the AMC.
  • – in the event of a move or office expansion, our team can expertly manage your IT needs, including practical electrical and cabling requirements, optimum positioning of IT equipment and advice on the best systems and solutions
  • – IT infrastructure redesign –you may find that although you have a very fast server, the interface with your computers is slower than you would like. By re-configuring your network, we can promise you a much faster solution and recommend any upgrades that might be necessary
  • – making sure your networking security is watertight is essential, especially given that networked resources such as servers, firewalls and routers are now the norm. Having the right top level technical expertise matters now more than ever before
  • SOFTWARE:This includes an AMC for all the software related issues such as Operating Systems, Mail Software, Database software etc. It is advised that one should always buy licensed and legal software to prevent any software issues and it also makes maintenance easier as the software company will provide you with a new copy in case the older one gets damaged or crashes.
  • SERVICES:Services include back-up solutions, cleaning of the computer system and peripherals, disaster recovery solutions, general anti virus checks and regular maintenance like running diagnostic tests to ensure if all the components are working fine.

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