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Media ERP – Obtain ease of managing newspaper circulation & publishing via our Media ERP Solution

D’Katias Newspaper Management ERP Solution comes with a complete solution for News Paper industry. The solution is specially designed for newspaper industry to fit their industry needs and help overcome the pain points like handling advertisements, circulation management, subscription management, inventory management, accounts management, HR management, generating reports, etc. User friendly interface and closely integrated business modules further leads a cutting edge solution that guarantees 100% satisfaction to the customer by effectively managing their day to day tedious tasks.

Various functional modules in this ERP include

  • Advertisement Management
  • Circulation Management
  • Procurement & Inventory Management
  • CRM
  • Finance Management
  • HR Management


Advertisement Management

The Advertisement Management Module offers media organizations an effective way to manage the advertisement bookings from various sources like ad agency, marketing team and other alternate channels. The module comes up with a user interactive mobile application “Ads Space Manager” which helps the ad agencies to block the space for advertisements on selected date based on the page layout set by the editorial board. This interactive mobile app is capable of showing the blocked spaces for ads so that no duplicate booking occurs for the same slot.

The module also allows the team to key in their enquiries and the marketing team/ concerned team members can contact the source of enquiry, provide quotation, do negotiations and close the deal, which will block the space in “Ads Space Manager”. The software is also integrated with the billing software, HR payroll software, Editorial management software and CRM.

The advertisement module triggers its operations from the details fetched from the master module and for booking an advertisement it uses details like Customer type and sub type, Customer name, Advertisement type, Type of insertion (single insertion/multi insertion), Date of insertions, edition details, unit details, Advertisement specifications such as page, position, size, colored/non colored, advertisement agency if any and canvasser if any. The advertisement booking allows to input the Release Order details and its attachments. The system also allows to generate instant invoice copies in case of booking ads like classifieds. There will be facility to book advertisement to multiple editions from a branch and the owner of the booking will be the booking branch. But invoices may be raised from concerned unit or Head office. There will be facility to print invoice of customer and mail the same to customer’s email id provided in customer database. On booking there will be facility to choose page on each editions with facility to check availability of space and if unavailable could be saved as a temporary booking. The bookings made are subjected to approvals and possibilities of escalation are available in case of multi discounts. System generates a daily advertisement schedule based on the confirmed booking. An E-paper layout screen is provided for the daily advertisement page wise statistics, this help the user to easily understand the confirmed booking details and easily understand the free space available. This e-paper layout shows the advertisement booking in each pages of publication with details like customer details, Agency & Canvasser if any, advertisement specification, content availed or not etc.
Once the advertisement is printed the system generates an invoice for the booking on the booking date. These invoices can be send to customers or can be printed for official use. These invoices will be integrated with the accounts module through which the payments against the invoices could be released. System will automatically calculate the commission for agency and canvasser based on their commission percentage and this details is also recorded in accounts payable section of accounts.


  • Supports multiple publications & editions
  • Ad booking and scheduling option
  • Bulk Ad booking options
  • Instant & bulk invoicing options
  • Agency login for direct online advertisement booking
  • Space/Slot availability notification at the time of booking itself
  • E – Paper look alike space availability checker
  • Prevents duplicate order bookings
  • Customer, Category, Sub Category, Industry wise booking analysis
  • Scheme booking options
  • Enter, Verify and Approve methodology for Ad Bookings
  • Online quotation maker and send mail as pdf option
  • Automatic integration with accounts module for receivable statements
  • Integrated Credit Control Systems
  • Ageing wise Invoice listings
  • Page wise/ Ad Type intelligent reports with future projection data

Available Reports

  • Booking Reports
  • Canvasser Target
  • Canvasser Analysis
  • Daily Invoice Reports
  • Canvasser Report
  • Caption Wise Reports
  • Customer Booking Report
  • Agent Ledger
  • Advertisement Non Payments
  • Advertisement Bill Outstanding
  • Bill & Collection Reports
  • Daily Advertisement Booking Report
  • Daily Advertisement Schedule Report
  • Agency Wise Advertisement Booking Report
  • Customer Wise Advertisement Booking Report
  • Executive Wise Advertisement Booking Report
  • System will provide Executive Wise Advertisement Booking Report
  • Executive target report
  • Agency/Canvasser Commission report
  • Agency Ledger
  • Daily/Monthly invoice Report
  • Bill Collection Report
  • Collection Monitoring Report
  • Aging report
  • Advertisement Cancellation Report
  • Advertisement Schedule Summary/ Advertisement Schedule Register
  • Canvasser /Commission ledger
  • Advertisement Billing & Collection Report
  • Advertisement Outstanding
  • Advertisement Schedule Register
  • Daily Page wise Statistics

Advertisement Workflow

Payment Collection Details

Circulation Module

The Circulation Management Module is an effective solution for the newspaper industry which manages every aspect of the business from setting circulation registers to issuing print orders.

This software is capable of dealing with multiple publications circulation with multiple dispatch schedules which can be daily, weekly, monthly etc.  The circulation module stores the details of the agent’s circulation and receivable data and is integrated with the other modules. The subscriber details are also handled in the circulation module which takes care of the different types or levels of subscriptions.

The Circulation Module comes with the master setting options and the most important setting part is to input the details of the agents and the subscriber. The agent data includes the contact details of the agents, quantity requested by the agents of each editions of each publication with the details like dropping points, the routes, location and the interlinked District, Parliament, Assembly, Area, Panchayath etc. The details also includes the deposit amounts, commission amounts with all transaction details triggered from the accounting module. The Subscriber details inputted into the system includes contact details, delivery location details, Filed Organizers, Filed Executive details, Subscription scheme details with subscription starting date and quantity subscribed, Rate of subscription based on scheme or based on subscriber group if applicable. It also provides facility to do payment for subscription with integration possibilities with the accounts module. The subscription management also allows users to hold or freeze the subscription of a subscriber for a particular period thus extending the subscription period taking into consideration the hold period. Other than normal subscription system will need to include some other type of subscription type based on the customer category like educational institutions, banks etc. The free copies that are being circulated to various organizations like public libraries, government organizations and other organizations are updated in the system and could be categorized into various types. The agent master is being mapped based on the location of the delivery and labels will be printed taking into consideration these mappings.

Once the system is fed with all the master details the system auto generates daily estimation of the print copies to be printed on a daily basis, taking into consideration the inputs from the agents data, subscription data, free copies, file copies etc. The system also provides facility to alter the quantities by inputting the add or less copies. All alterations are being subject to approval and are available in a log file. Once the approval is received the Print Orders are realized and is moved to the production module from where the printing of newspapers in initiated based on these details.

The Print Orders does have a summarized and detailed version. The summarized version is given for printing department and has the details like date, publication and the edition total quantity. The detailed Print Order have the details like agent wise quantity, free copies, subscription quantities etc. Based on this system will generate daily transaction and daily invoices for agents which could be combined to generate a monthly invoice. The subscriber deposit amount is also subjected to set off during this process. The system also provides the facility to input minimum and maximum quantity of stacking for each publication and the stacking and label prints are generated based on the route and agents. The label print generated will include Agent details, publication, contact details, drop location, agent location, and quantity in stack/bundle.

Circulation management also include returns management, the returned publications from agents will entered in system and the amount payable by agent will automatically updated by the returned publication details.

Circulation module linked with accounts module will generate monthly invoice based on the transaction and these details will be available in accounts module for payments. The monthly invoice being generated will have the details of the commission and the net payable amount.


  • Option to capture the details of the agencies, subscribers and end customers
  • Easy bulk data entry option for critical data entries like subscription details
  • Customer data reuse facility for other modules like CRM & advertisement management
  • Seamlessly integrated with other modules for easy data flow
  • Quick and accurate agency ageing and outstanding reports with drill down options
  • Automated label & print order generation
  • Integration of print orders with production management which helps in providing production input
  • Returns management of damaged, late, missing or unsold copies
  • Easy Management of receipts, debit & credit note
  • Subscription auto set off option
  • Multiple subscriber scheme add option
  • Subscription expiry and renewal alerts
  • Automatic scheme end date update according to the subscription freeze/unfreeze

Available Reports

  • Route List Report
  • Route Wise Circulation Report
  • Label Printing Report
  • Daily Circulation Report
  • Circulation Sales Comparison
  • Monthly Invoice Generation
  • Collection Monitoring for Daily
  • Incentive Payable Report
  • Incentive Paid Report
  • Circulation Sales Comparison
  • Agency Dues Statement
  • Bill & Collection Statement
  • Bill v/s Collection Report – Monthwise
  • Daily Print Order Report
  • Monthly Print Order
  • District wise Print Order
  • Print Order Summary
  • Agency List
  • Agents Daily Invoice
  • Agents Monthly Invoice
  • Agents Daily Supply Register
  • Agency Security Ledger
  • Subscriber List
  • Subscriber Daily Supply Register
  • Subscription Stop Report
  • Subscription Expiry Details
  • Free Daily Supply Register
  • Agency Dues Statement
  • Bill & Collection Statement
  • Route Report
  • Sub Route Report
  • Subscription Overdue
  • Agency Overdue Report

Circulation Management Workflow

Subscription Management Workflow


-One Solution for all your people

Add – HRM is a human resources management system (HRMS) which serves as the core system of record for employee management, payroll management, attendance management, productivity management, leave applying &tracking and many other details. The combination of these modules into one application assures the perfect platform for re-engineering and aligning your HR processes along with the organizational goals.

  • Employee Database

Employee Database helps you in quickly browsing critical employee information and in easily locating employees. You can see the data for past and current employees with filters on various categories and employment status. You can also keep a record of a variety of details including bio-data, photo, organizational details, qualifications, family, passports, and much more.

  • Time & Attendance Management

The time & attendance management module fetches data from a biometric system (push data facility) or any attendance inputting devices and is synced with the system real time. Unauthorized absence costs you money, prevents the effective administration of leave policies and lowers employee morale. Bulk data upload facility is also available in the system via excel uploads

  • Leave Management

Employee login is available in the system with limited access levels which allows applying for leaves & viewing pending requests. The leave requests are notified to the immediate supervisor who accepts or denies the request. Escalation points are well defined in the hierarchy, whereby leave request could always be pushed up the ladder in a single click.  It also eliminates busy work involved in leave administration and employee follow ups, saving time and transaction costs

  • Overtime Register

The overtime register enables the administrator to configure multiple shifts for different employee groups with break timings. The overtimes of each employee is pooled out from the attendance fetched from the biometric system & shift configurations and these details are pooled into the overtime slab calculator for salary calculations

  • Payroll Management

Add HRM salary software covers all aspects of payroll management leading to less work and greater peace of mind. You can now ensure 100% accuracy, huge time savings and highly satisfied employees. The payroll management enables you to dynamically create earnings and deductions logic group wise. The group wise logic applies to the corresponding employees and employee wise salary edit option could also be done. The payroll management system also pools out salary credit instructions to the bank which makes the whole salary processing process an easy task.

Other Important Modules

  • Policies & Forms
  • Training
  • Performance Appraisal
  • Recruitment Management
  • Loans and Advances
  • ESI Reports
  • EPF Reports
  • Month wise ESI / EPF Payments

Features & Benefits

  • Employee Login Options
  • Centralized Payroll System
  • Seamless integration with financial module
  • Add-HRM allows the employees to take copies of the Payslips of the respective months in a single click process. The Payslip heads could be customized according to the requirement
  • Create customized salary structure and formulae
  • Quick and easy payroll process according to the salary structure assigned to employee
  • Online leave request and sanction options
  • The Software could be integrated with any biometric systems (card reader system having the push data facility) to obtain real time attendance of the employee logged in.
  • Add-HRM allows the users to use the system on the go on their laptops, tablets or smart phones with the responsive design structures.
  • Add-HRM comes with a holiday calendar which allows to set holidays and major events of the organization. The software allows flexibility to set the holiday calendars branch wise or company wise
  • Option to add multiple Companies (Stand Alone Product to cater each Company’s Business Requirement
  • Company/Branch Wise Reports
  • Notification on document expiry in the dashboard & email alert
  • Mail Merge Options
  • Meets Statutory Requirements
  • Gratuity & Bonus Options
  • Dynamic Logic creator for earned and other types of leaves

Module Workflow

Financial Management

The finance acts as the heart of any organization. An effective management of this module is essential for the smooth management of this organization. In the present scenario it is important for an entrepreneur or an organization head to have a knowledge about accounting module for prompt decision making.

The financial management module empowers you to obtain up to date accounting information online. The suite comes along with package that involves General Accounting, Management Accounting, & Fixed Assets Management with all statutory reports. The module is seamlessly integrated with the other modules which helps in tracking payables & receivables without cross entries. Even a person with very less accounting knowledge could operate this system.

  • Ledger Reports

The ledger report provides a detailed insight on the ledger positions and a complete overview of the transactions made with that ledger reference is available. All the transaction narrated comes with a navigation option which leads to the corresponding entry.

  • Management Accounting

All the reports required for a managerial decision making is available in the Financial Management System. This module is enriched which reports like trial balance, Profit & Loss Accounts, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statements, Ratio Analysis which helps to know the exact financial position of an organization.

  • Informative Dashboard

The financial management module comes with an informative dashboard which provides critical data information in a single shot. Graphical representation is also provided to enable easy data analysis. The dashboard is also enriched with ratio analysis & ageing reports which are essential for better decision making.

  • Approval Levels & Logs

The approval level within this particular system could be dynamically reset for ensuring proper operations. The approval flows as predefined within this particular logic. Proper notification is also prompted to the corresponding team member via email or other communication tools. A log is managed in the system on each activity of the user which helps in providing critical information on creates, modifications, approvals, rejections etc.


  • Real accounting, for non-accountants
  • Multi Company account books and option of consolidation
  • Highly customizable according to the user needs
  • Multilevel grouping of ledgers
  • Option to upload/attach external documents for reference purpose
  • Enter, Verify and approve procedure
  • Cost Centre Accounting
  • Option to input labels or tags for detailed reporting
  • Consolidated and detailed trial balance formats
  • Drill down option to view exact final transaction
  • Comprehensive Bank Reconciliation
  • Manage your books effectively and perform all accounting actions
  • Fixed Assets Management
  • Keep track of payment records of customers – cash/card, advances, cheques and so on
  • Apply access control to ensure that only authorized personnel have complete access to the utility and restrict the access to employees based on their roles
  • User Definable P & L, Balance Sheet and other formats
  • Dynamic Approval levels

Modular Workflow

Production Management

Newspaper production management software deals with the complete production in the form of printing of the News Prints & Magazine Prints in the printing press. The production module will be integrated with the module like Circulation Module, Inventory, Accounts and Purchase Modules.

Production management directly deals with the material requisition management for various stages of production, updating stock in each stages of production as Input stock, output stock, wastage stock, passing the transaction details to inventory for stock updating and accounts module.

Here the production companies can request for the printing materials/machineries to the concerned branches and branches can request for purchase of the printing materials/machineries to the HO based on the availability of the same. The Purchase procedure will take place in HO using purchase module. The material will be updated in the stock of the units/production company based on the GRN.

Production Company can request for material based on the production schedule. The unit will be able to transfer the materials to Production Company based on the stock request from the Production Company.

User is allowed to update the stock of printing materials consumed during the production as input quantities, output stock and wastage. This transaction details will be updated in the stock and accounts modules respectively. Based on this the system allows to generate the Material utilization reports during production.  The System will also allow to derive the production cost from various factors like purchase cost, operation cost, printing cost, labor cost and thereby allowing you to find the profit based on the revenue generated from sales of product and advertising income after deduction of cost of wastage

Item Master

The item master allows entering the materials into the Module. The items during the point of entry could be separated as the consumable, spare or any other category. The item master also allows inputting the MOL (Minimum Order Level) of each item.

Consumption Master

The consumption master allows preparing a consumption chart of the materials required for the production of a fixed number of newspaper quantity. The consumption pattern could be either fixed throughout the production process or could vary according to the Print Order (ie the Newspaper print count)

Production Planning

The production planner receives the information from the Print Orders and any modifications to the print copies could be managed in this phase. The modifications made in the print copies are noted in the log file for further clarifications.


The production gets triggered automatically once the print order is approved. A unique production ID is being once the above trigger is prompted. This module provides the consumption rate of the materials used along with the wastages produced. There will also be a provision to enter the reason for wastage for further analysis.

Material Request

The material requisition process allows requesting for any item from the store in case of any shortage found in the stock levels. The request will be processed either by the store manager or by the purchase in charge.

Stock Register/ABC Reports

The stock register provides the stock position of each and every item in the inventory. The stock register will be following the FIFO methodology for the stock management.

Material Consumption Chart

This particular report allows for the detailed life of each consumable or any spare associated with a particular machine. This information could be used for further decision making like the choosing of any vendor or any make etc, on account of valuable consumption details.

Production Costing

System will also allow to derive the production cost from various factors like purchase cost, operation cost, printing cost, labor cost and thereby allow to find the profit based on the revenue generated from sales of product and advertising income after deduction of cost of wastage


  • Seamless Integration with circulation management
  • Machine room returns reports
  • Vendor wise consumption history
  • Actual v/s Budgeted consumption analysis
  • MRR sheet with details like Production Start Time, End Time, Good Copies, Bad Copies, Wastages, Plate Consumption Details
  • Wastage analysis and other MIS reports

Module Workflow

Purchase Module

Purchase Management System is an effective solution for organization to automate the complete purchase process by integrating the workflow relations in procuring a particular item. As the procurement flow is predefined it provides the management with better control and visibility over the entire process.

The master settings allows creating the vendor list and the product or consumable list and the tracking over vendor payments and inventory control is properly managed. The purchasing process is streamlined and starts off with a request from various departments regarding the procurement. The procurement request is subjected to approval by the branch head or the head office and purchase intent is raised to the vendors expressing purchase interest. Multiple quotations received can be effectively compared using the quotation comparison feature and purchase orders could be raised against the approved quotation.

The above streamlined process enables to streamline the end user requirements, control spending, reduce paper work, lower inventory and increase turnaround time. The vendor payables are also effectively managed in system by providing exact ageing periods and prompt reminders on the payment reminders and payable list. The AMC’s & Insurance details are also fed into the system providing prompt alerts on the renewals.


  • Option to raise quick purchase request from the minimum stock level
  • Fully Automate purchase process from requisition to GRN process
  • Option to consolidate multiple purchase requests
  • Quotation Comparison Options
  • Part delivery of Goods against a particular Purchase Order
  • GST compactible reporting tools
  • Vendor Evaluation report based on the delivery commitment, QC rejection rates

Module Workflow

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