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“Our mission is your protection not only in Home but also in business places with our security monitors and Systems certified by the highest standards”  – Centex Security

Based on the report published by National Crime Records Bureau, the total cognizable crimes reported under Indian Penal Code (IPC) increased by 1.1% in 2006 in comparison to what was reported in 1953. The cognizable crimes in the report included cases of theft, kidnappings and murder. Going by the report, it is high time we give technology-based security systems its due.

It is not just corporates or large-scale organizations that face the brunt of civic crime. Even small-scale business enterprises, townships and communities are constant victims of it. Although crime in its entirety cannot be terminated, it can be reduced, thanks to technology-based security systems such as CCTV and intruder alarm system. It is high time that we leverage the usage of technology to keep ourselves and our surroundings protected.  

CCTV systems have evolved to integrate cutting edge technology in visual & auditory monitoring as well as sending a feedback to activate intruder systems. CCTV devices in its present form can be monitored anywhere in the world through ones’ laptop, tablets and even smartphones. The presence of CCTV cameras with high definition lenses and the efficiency with which crimes are alerted through intruder control systems aids in preventing crime. 

From houses to retail stores, cross roads to streetlights – CCTV systems suited for different terrains are available in the market. Employee theft in India is a major hurdle to business growth. For Business owners, CCTV systems helps them monitor employee theft. It also helps protect inventory from theft or damage and acts as a supplement to inventory tracking system. Companies across industries have reported a reduction in internal theft and thereby an increase in their topline owing to enhanced video surveillance provided by present day CCTV system.

In addition to preventing thefts, CCTV systems helps bring about employee honesty that can serve as a morale booster to the workforce. This in turn gets translated into better customer relationship and customer confidence as they feel safer in places where CCTV video surveillance is implemented.

In a domestic setting mothers can closely monitor their children even while being at their workstation. For working women, it also serves to keep a close eye on staff hired for household chores. CCTV cameras also effectively tracks theft in houses and high-rise buildings.

The governments also need to enhance the use of video surveillance to curb the upward trend in crimes reported globally. One of the best ways they can do it is by installing CCTV systems at critical traffic junctions and pedestrian crossings. In a country with close to 1.5 million reported deaths due to road accidents, CCTV systems can serve to keep check on traffic offenders and bring down this startling figure.

The benefits of installing a CCTV system far overweigh the benefits that other security systems can bring about. A lot of technology-based companies now have a dedicated wing working towards CCTV based control system. d’Katia Software Technologies, an ERP solution provider based out of Kochi has leveraged their expertise to monitor CCTV through smartphones and tablets.  At a time when CCTV systems are made affordable even to sections of the poor, it is high time we push for installation of CCTV systems at scale.

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